06. Mandry – Carpathian Song (Dj DerBastler Remix) (2022,artdopomoga.com)

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The compilation “Artdopomoga Ukraine” Vol.2 (2022) was released on the Ukrainian volunteer resource – artdopomoga.com
It includes a new Gogol Bordello track “Syly Peremogy” (Forces of Victory) recorded in the early month of the war.
Compilation includes unique material of the legendary bands of the Ukrainian indie scene: Perkalaba, Mandry, Grozovska Band, Hudaki Village Band, Max Chorny, created during the struggle of Ukraine for freedom and independence. All proceeds from the release will be used to support Ukraine.
All proceeds go to support Ukraine. Download : https://artdopomoga.com/shop/music/v-a-artdopomoga-ukraine-vol-2-2022/
(Compiled, curated & mastering by Dj Derbastler, cover by Oleksii Ovchinnikov)

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