Its Dj Ritik Lehanga Las Las Kaarta Bhojpuri Dj Song

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Remix : Its Dj Ritik

                                  ⚠️Remix by :- Its Dj Ritik⚠️


🙏Respect To Remix Ower 🙏

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Its Dj Ritik
Its Dj Ritik Ghaziabad
Its Dj Ritik GzB
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Dj Ritik Ghaziabad
Dj Ritik Bihar
Dj Ritik Patna
Dj Ritik Sahibabad
Dj Ritik Prahladgarhi
Dj Ritik Delhi
Dj Ritik sharma Ghaziabad
Dj Ritik Sharma Bihar
Dj Ritik sharma Delhi
Dj Ritik Gzb

DJ Tanish
DJ Tanish GZB
DJ Tanish Ghaziabad
DJ Tanish prahladgarhi
DJ Tanish x Its Dj Ritik Ghaziabad se

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